Reunion Memory Support

In addition to our Independent Campus, RoseCrest has a 91,000 square foot Health Care Center designed to serve residents who require assisted living care, memory care, or rehabilitation. An expert medical staff provides on-site medical care and rehabilitative programs of physical, speech, occupational and respiratory therapy.

RoseCrest offers a specialized assisted living program for 14 persons with Alzheimer’s and related dementias and an additional 25 rehabilitation and healthcare beds available. Reunion Memory Support residents enjoy the same programs and services offered to assisted living residents with the addition of a professional and compassionate staff. Our staff is made up of educated, well-trained caregivers who work to create a comfortable and nurturing environment for residents. The staff participates in a variety of ongoing education programs regarding memory loss illnesses and the latest research findings – these programs help to develop innovative care practices.

Specialized Care

Persons with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia, their family and caregivers, face an array of challenges. Strong evidence indicates that early intervention and specialized care help persons with memory concerns to live more enjoyably and comfortably. Our care philosophy cherishes each resident’s unique past and life story while embracing present strengths and abilities. RoseCrest’s care approaches focus on enhancing individual capabilities to encourage independence, self-confidence and joy in living.

Come visit us. Meet our residents and staff to learn more about RoseCrest’s Reunion Memory Support program.

The Comfort of Home

From our experience we know that physical environments can help reduce feelings of anxiety and confusion for persons with dementia. Residents are encouraged to add their own special touches with familiar personal decor in their private suites. Common area design incorporates functional wall art, soothing colors, minimum noise and guided wandering. Comfortable sitting areas and a family room offer plenty of places to relax and visit. Exit doors are monitored for safety and security. Basic utilities, meals, linen, personal laundry and housekeeping services are provided to maintain the comforts and convenience of home.

The Comfort of Certified Care Providers

Lutheran Homes of South Carolina’s and RoseCrest’s commitment to caring for people with Alzheimer’s includes providing education and training to allow staff to be prepared, demonstrate knowledge, and feel confident in their care of people with Alzheimer’s and related memory concerns.

RoseCrest’s reputation as a dementia care leader starts with our care specialists.  Our Reunion Memory Support Coordinator, licensed nurses, caregivers and all other staff working in our special programs participate in ongoing education programs about Alzheimer’s and other dementias, the latest research findings and innovative care practices.

The Comfort of Care

Determined by individual strengths, personal care may include assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, eating and medication management. Dementia-friendly care techniques include verbal cueing, behavioral intervention and redirection.

Families are encouraged to attend support groups and education classes and take advantage of our Short-Term Stay Programs. As care needs change Rice residents have priority access to transition to other care programs on campus.

Comfort Food

In between life enrichment activities, meals anchor the day to nourish the body and feed the soul. Nutritious and tasty home-cooked meals are served in a common dining area to stimulate friendly, family-style conversations. Cooking and baking activities, finger style foods, refreshments, and enticing aromas stimulate appetites to prevent weight loss. We invite families to share their comfort food recipes for all to enjoy.

Comfortable at Home

We realize that a home is much more than just a place to live. It is the people who live within and the relationships shared together that truly create the sense of being at home. We achieve this sense of home when each person in our care feels comfortable, at ease in our presence and valued as a person.


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