Garden Homes

Host monthly dinner parties in one of our gazebos on campus, take an afternoon stroll around our koi pond, or enjoy impromptu tea time in your spacious home. When your friends are just next door, you’re free to take advantage of our engaged and exciting community. Spend more time honing your favorite hobbies or join others on an adventure to Spartanburg to check out the latest live theater play or beautiful restaurant.

With three floor plans to choose from, you’re sure to feel comfortable in our single-story homes with plenty of storage and a beautiful private terrace overlooking your maintained yard.

Whatever you enjoy doing, do more of it at RoseCrest. Without the worry of housekeeping, home maintenance, yard work, or even cooking, discover a renewed sense of independence in a beautiful, tight-knit community.

Our Garden Homes

Enjoy the generous storage and wonderful neighborhood when you choose one of our cottage homes at RoseCrest.

Application Fee: $3,000*
Entrance Fee: Entrance Fee
Monthly Fee: $1,220 to $2,625

* plus a one time $3,000 Administrative Fee.