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Rehabilitation & Nursing

At RoseCrest, we believe that everyone's road to recovery are unique. Using an inter-disciplinary approach, our knowledgeable staff work alongside private doctors, patients, and their families to develop the best rehabilitation program for optimal independence.

Offering comprehensive therapies and treatments, RoseCrest is there for South Carolina’s seniors going through short-term rehabilitation or long-term care needs.

RoseCrest provides each patient and resident a unique program designed for stimulation in mind, body, and spirit. Our focus on the six dimensions of wellness—physical, spiritual, social, intellectual, vocational, and emotional—ensure each person a more fulfilling life at RoseCrest.

Catering to inpatient and outpatient needs, we welcome you to experience the best road to recovery in a warm, inviting environment at RoseCrest.

Admission Process

Step 1

Admissions Representative receives a referral from healthcare facility.

Step 2

The referral is reviewed by Admissions Representative and a bed offer is made.

Step 3

The healthcare facility will then alert the family that RoseCrest has offered a bed. Some families chose to tour the facility before accepting the bed offer. Our facility is available for tours round-the-clock. An appointment for a tour is appreciated, but not required.

Step 4

Once the family accepts the bed offer, transportation to RoseCrest is set up by the referring healthcare facility.

Step 5

After the patient arrives to the facility, an Admissions Representative from RoseCrest will meet with the patient or the patient’s responsible party to complete the required admission paperwork.

Step 6

The interdisciplinary healthcare team will also meet with the patient or responsible party within 24 hours of arrival to introduce themselves and explain their role in the facility.

Step 7

Discharge planning begins on the day of admission. This helps the interdisciplinary healthcare team to manage the patients care while in our facility and then upon discharge. It is our mission to assist our patients in reaching their goals and having the proper transitions to the next care level.